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August 7, 2016

Music is a part of our daily lives. Whether you’re taking a train, walking around a city, or laying on a beach, musical sounds surround us. These sounds could come from your headphones, a street performer, or perhaps wind and crashing waves are musical to you. We all perceive musical sounds differently, what may be a distracting/white noise to someone may be a moment of relaxation for another. For example, the whistling of birds could be a relaxing moment (or music to your ears), while it may be distracting or annoying to someone else. 

So, why is it that we perceive certain sounds as music and others not? And, does music sound like music no matter where we’re from? 

First and foremost, it is important to understand how our brain interprets sound. Our brain detects different qualities from the vibrations produced by sounds such as musical instruments, car alarms and language which is picked up by our ears as sound waves. Once directed to the ear canal by the outer ear, the sound...

August 7, 2016

Therapeutic Effects of Music 

Depending on how we feel or what we are doing, we have a certain emotional connection to music. The unique way it moves us is why it is so important in our lives//why we keep coming back for more. Like a detailed scenery, music is as layered and complex as we are, and has been seen as a form of emotional expression since it’s existence. 

Music has been studied as a medium in therapy for its powers to alter our mood. Research has found that most people listen to music for motivation, happiness and overall well-being. As a way to get excited at the gym, rest and relax, or simply have something to cook to in the kitchen.

When we have a bad day and are feeling down, we either indulge in that emotion or seek to change it. Perhaps listening to pop music will make us forget our worries and feel happier in that moment, or a blues song could help us to understand our sadness and let it pass. Maybe sitting in nature and listening to a wind chime move with the breeze...

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Music vs. Noise // The Psychology of Music

August 7, 2016

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