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in which we share local arts fairly amongst all people to sustain thriving communities and diversity is going to take a global community of committed a worldAchieving our vision of organisations and dedicated individuals.For every music you bought through SOUNDINDESIGN, half the profits go to a charity project.


At SOUNDINDESIGN, we partner with organisations around the world to create a dynamic community devoted to learning from each other and sharing knowledge so that others can benefit from their experience.


Our aim is to rapidly escalate our progress towards sustainable, efficient and equitable local music and arts scenes worldwide.


If the idea of living in a world in which ARTS for people and for sustainable designis in balance motivates you – where local arts ecosystems flourish alongside vibrant communities, then we encourage you to become a partner of SOUNDINDESIGN Network.


You will join other organisations from business, government, non-profit and international organisations, academia and consultancies that recognize the value of ARTS.


Become a partner of SOUNDINDESIGN Network and help us realize our vision.

We are a non profit organization that relies on your generous support.





Tel: infoline - ( 00 34 ) 645 672 940

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